Create an Illusion with your Clothes

Create an Illusion with your Clothes

We all have those days – where we jump out of bed, get ourselves all the way together and we have that one outfit that we already have in mind, so we pull it out and put it on…..only to walk over to the mirror and realize our “trouble” spot throws the whole outfit off.  There are times, depending on the outfit, that no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to get that “look” we are going for.   When this happens to me, the first thing I do is think, hmm, I want to create an illusion……  That is, I want to camouflage that one area that troubles me. 

Let’s face it, if we lived in the perfect world, we would have the perfect proportioned body that will allow every piece of clothing we put on would give us a flawless look.   Since that is not a reality, then we must learn to create that illusion.   

Personally my trouble area is my stomach and every day,  I don’t feel like wearing shapewear.   On days that I am not feeling it, I create the “illusion” of a flat stomach.    There are many ways that this can be accomplished.   One of the simplest ways that I do it is to wear a peplum blouse.   Not only will the peplum blouse camouflage my stomach, but it also covers my backside so that it is not as prominent.   Sheath dresses are also your friend if you are wanting to cover up that stomach area.     Now I don’t really like really baggy clothing because if you are attempting to hide your stomach, it can also add bulk and make you appear even bigger so make sure that if you wear something flowy, it is not overly baggy. 

Large bust?  The best way to create an illusion here is to go with dark colors AND if you want to draw attention AWAY from the breasts, then make sure you have either a sweetheart or boat-neck blouse cut.  Wrap tops, which have a v-neck are also great to create the illusion of a smaller bust.     

Now women with small busts that want to create the “illusion” of larger busts, first grab yourself a nice push up bra.    Next, wear fitted clothing, ie; a dress with a cinched waist or put on a belt.  You can also wear a nice necklace (short) that will draw attention to your bust area.

So let’s say that your trouble area is a less than ample backside.    No need to shy away from form fitting dresses or skirts.    All you need is a wide belt!  Utilizing a wide belt, when paired with a dress or a skirt, can draw the eye to the waist area, make the waist appear smaller and the backside appear more rounded. 

Want to create the “illusion” of a smaller backside?   Try wearing solid colored bottoms.   Another great way to minimize the backside is to wear flare bottom pants or an A-line skirt.   You can also create an illusion by wearing a top that is longer and fall at your hips.   If you wear a top that stops at your waist it will draw attention to your backside.

What about those arms?  I hear a lot of ladies complain about their arms, and I am one of those that love wearing spaghetti strap dresses and tops, but not so in love with my arms.   In this instance, wearing an off the shoulder top with sleeves will still give me that feeling that I like!   So grab a top that is off the shoulder or even one shoulder but will provide at least a quarter sleeve that will cover that arm area.    You can also layer with a lightweight cardigan if you still want to wear that thin strapped top or dress but want those arms covered. 

Lastly, if you have hips or “saddle bags” (BTW, I despise that term) that you want to minimize or create the illusion of smaller hips, one of the best ways to do this is to pair an A-line skirt with a fitted top.  I absolutely LOVE this look because it makes the waist look so very small.   Also, wide leg pants are also good because they draw attention to the bottom instead of the waist. 

So here you have just a few tips that will assist you in camouflaging those sensitive areas.    What’s most important is feeling good about your body just as it is and looking great in your clothing.

Not so sure you can create that illusion?  No worries, I am here to help!   Contact RW Couture to schedule a personal style session and let me put together looks that will not only create an illusion on your trouble spots but will compliment your body!   Schedule your session via the website – or by calling us 346.754.5588.

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